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Contact Details

1.Email a scanned letter from the image library together with ALL your contact details, name address telephone number to us at info@copyrightinfringement.org.uk If you can’t scan and email, then please post the letter and your details to us at:

Copyright Infringement

Belle Vue Cottage

Belle Vue Lane

Guilden Sutton

Chester CH3 7EJ

2.Call us on 01244 300 811 or 07802 899091 to discuss our payment options from £150. We shall then fill in the letter template and post and email a copy to you.

3.Once you receive this, you must send it off immediately to whoever wrote to you in the first place. If you let us have your letterhead we can adjust the letter template spacing so that you can print it off on your headed note paper. You will also get a note about how and why the letter works as a defence for you.

4.Keep a copy of the letter for your files together with a copy of the first threatening letter you received and any other correspondence.


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